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Lessons designed to fit your needs

  Private Lessons  

Lessons are offered for 30, 45 and 60 minute time slots once a week.  Many students begin in a 30 minute lesson which is an appropriate amount of time for the student to demonstrate what they have learned the previous week and for Mrs. Isenhower to acknowledge the work and assign new material.  

As students progress, Mrs. Isenhower may suggest expanding the lesson to accommodate the increased lesson assignment.  Students may also request expanding their lesson time and we will discuss the best fit for them.

What makes the Flute Studio so special?

Each student gets 100% of my attention during your lesson.  You won't find me standing outside the studio chatting and drinking coffee during YOUR lesson time.

EVERY student is important!  I believe every student has the potential to be as great a flute player as they want to be.  That choice depends on how hard you want to work.  It's true that some students may have an easier time grasping certain concepts sooner than others but that DOES NOT determine your success.  You determine what you want and I have the tools and experience to help you get there.  This is not a "one size-fits all" program.  We will work together to make you the best player YOU want to be.  Each weekly assignment is customized for YOU and chosen for YOU to help you improve.  What might work for your friend, doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you.  

Part of our curriculum includes expanding your flute solo repertoire.  You will learn every solo with the piano accompaniment every week.  No more worries about having to find an accompanist 2 weeks before contest or the stress of trying to put your piece together with piano.  


You have automatic access to the RHYTHM POLICE.  This specialized  rhythmic training program is under copyright and ONLY available at the Flute Studio.  Graduates of the the RHYTHM POLICE ACADEMY have solid rhythm skills and excellent sight-reading capabilities.  This is the only place to get the best rhythm and sight-reading training in the Illinois Valley.  


YOU get my 40 years of playing and teaching experience and a broad spectrum of music literature to help you achieve YOUR flute goals.  

  Flute Ensembles   

Flute Ensembles meet for 50 minutes once a week.  The Flute Studio has 3 ensembles available:


Junior Ensemble - for new and intermediate players

Senior Ensemble - an audition only group

Adult Ensemble - available to all adults 18 and over

The Ensemble program reinforces skills learned in lessons and enriches the student with a new experience in a small chamber group.  Instead of playing the same part in a section, like with band, flute ensembles have only 1-2 players per part and add cover the entire range by adding bass and alto flute.  The Ensemble program performs music of many genres from Beethoven to Freddie Mercury.  In addition to their performance on the Spring Recital, the ensembles perform several concerts in the area during the year.

  Spring Flute Recital    

Every May, the students of The Flute Studio present their spring recital.  All students in private lessons perform (and possibly participate in a small ensemble) and all the ensembles perform several pieces.  A reception is held afterwards to celebrate the students' success and taste the yumminess of "Cindi's Recital Cookies"!

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